• Foot massage + Reflexology – 40 min
  • Deep tissue massage -1h
  • Chocolate massage-1h
  • Lemon massage -1h
  • Honey massage -1h
  • Massage with essential oil -1h
  • King massage -1h
  • Candle oil massage -1h
  • Partial massage -1/2h
  • Facial massage-40min
  • Special face lifting massage -40min
  • Face lymph drainage-massage – 40 min
shirodhara ayurveda therapy-silvia beauty center ohrid


This is an ancient ayurvedic ritual to rest and calm the mind. It is performed by pouring steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead. Oils that can be used are herbal oils, milk or buttermilk. The treatments is very relaxing and nourishing.

Benefits of Shirodhara

  • stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras
  • relieves stress, anxiety,depression
  • helps mental focus and concentration
  • reduces migraine headaches
  • rejuvenates the entire face