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Lift, Tighten, Rejuvenate....

Revitalize Your Skin with Plasma Pen Treatments in Ohrid



Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid has brought the revolutionary Plasma Pen Treatments in Ohrid!

ION Plasma or plasma pen is an innovative instrument for rejuvenation of the face and body.

This is a non-surgical treatment and is one of the relatively new treatments for tightening and rejuvenation.

It gives excellent results in the correction of facial wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes, for the treatment of viral and hanging warts.

The purpose of plasma treatment is to stimulate the regenerative process of the skin, and at the same time to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

After the treatment, there is a visible improvement of the wrinkles (they are very shallow or no longer there at all, the skin is tightened, the problem with blemishes is solved, and the viral or hanging warts are removed.

What is Plasma Energy and how does it work?


Plasma energy is defined as an ionized gas consisting of ions, electrons, and neutral particles of the molecule. The treatment with ionic plasma or plasma energy uses the fourth aggregate state plasma.

The ionized gas of the plasma pen influences the stimulation of the regenerative processes in the skin cells and influences the production and synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Plasma heat reaches the surface of the skin (until there is controlled damage to the layers of the skin), and the heat is transferred to the epidermis, to the papillary layer, which contains fibroblast cells. Tissue treated with plasma energy and ion plasma is damaged small scabs), while the surrounding region is not damaged at all. When working with a plasma pen, the skin is seen to tighten, which is visible to the client. So the result is tight and rejuvenated skin.

What can Plasma Pen Treatments be used for?


Plasma Pen Treatments can be used:

-to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles
-for removing wrinkles around the eyes
-to tighten the sagging skin of the upper and lower lids
-to reduce nasolabial wrinkles,
-for removing wrinkles on the forehead
-for removal of age spots
-for removal of atrophic scars
-for removing viral and hanging warts, fibroids, keratosis, and hemangiomas.

Our happy clients speak about Plasma Pen Treatments at Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid

I recently underwent a Plasma Pen treatment at Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid, focusing on my eye and forehead areas, and the results have exceeded my expectations. The treatment itself was efficient and minimally uncomfortable. The staff at the beauty center was professional and reassuring, explaining the procedure thoroughly.
In the weeks following the treatment, fine lines and wrinkles visibly diminished, and my skin became tighter. It was like magic! These gradual improvements continued to enhance in the months that followed.
All in all, my experience with the Plasma Pen eye and forehead treatment has been exceptional. If you're considering a non-invasive method to refresh and revitalize these areas, I highly recommend exploring this specialized treatment at Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid!


My recent Plasma Pen treatment at Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid, specifically targeting my eyes and forehead, was a game-changer.
The welcoming staff ensured I felt informed and comfortable throughout. The procedure was quick, virtually painless, and required minimal downtime.
In the weeks following, fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes noticeably faded, and my skin felt tighter and more youthful.
The precision of the Plasma Pen treatment on these specific areas truly impressed me.
Silvia’s expertise in tailoring the treatment to my unique concerns made all the difference.
I couldn't be happier with the results, and I highly recommend Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid for rejuvenation in these delicate areas!


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