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Experience Timeless Serenity and Inner Balance

Discover Tranquility with Shirodhara Ayurveda in Ohrid

Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid is the first to introduce Shirodhara Ayurveda Therapy in Ohrid and Macedonia.



Ayurveda – the Indian ‘science of life’ – is one of the world’s most comprehensive approaches to healthy living. It works by balancing our vital energies or ‘doshas’ through an individually tailored combination of treatments, exercise, diet, and lifestyle modifications. With a focus on treating illness, preventing disease, and enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, it teaches us to live with insight and balance.
Shirodhara involves pouring a slow, steady stream of warm herbal oil onto the forehead’s ‘third eye’ chakra, followed by a gentle scalp massage. Performed in silence, it induces a blissful sense of inner stillness, relieves insomnia and stress, and nourishes the hair and scalp.
This Ancient therapy achieves the following:
  • Stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Helps mental focus and concentration
  • Reduces migraine headaches
  • Rejuvenates the entire face
  • Creates a perfect balance between the body, mind, and spirit



At Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid, we take pride in being pioneers in introducing the exquisite tradition of Shirodhara Ayurveda to Ohrid and Macedonia.

Upon introducing it, it has quickly become one of our most sought-after services. This ancient therapy is renowned for its profound relaxation and rejuvenation benefits, making it an essential component of our holistic approach to well-being.

At Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid, our skilled therapists ensure that every Shirodhara Ayurveda experience is a journey to inner peace, transporting you to a state of serenity and balance that harmonizes your body, mind, and spirit.

Discover the transformative power of this Ancient therapy exclusively at Silvia Beauty Center Ohrid. Book your appointment today.

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If you want the best facial and body treatment with "up-to date" methods then "Beauty Center Silvia" is the best address. You will immediately recognize professionality, kindness and feel the positive energy of this beauty center.
It is worth to visit Silvia and her team and give to your body and soul, such a nice present.
Dear Silvia and your whole team, congratulations for Your 30 years excellent work!!!!!


Best place in town, for the best facial and body treatments.
It is worth to visit and give to your body and soul, such a nice present.


Amazing place! Very clean and professional service. The staff is very friendly. I highly recommend Silvia Beauty Center for both facial and body treatments.


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